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Monday, February 2, 2015

Interview for “Beyond Just Cosplay” by Campus Plus magazine 2014

CPM - Thank you for taking time off to speak to us! For those of us who are not in the know, do introduce yourself e.g. name, cosplay name, age, and occupation.

MH - Hi and no problem at all, my name is Hani Suraya. People know me as Miyavi Honey in cosplay community. I will be 25 years old this year. I'm a freelance multimedia designer.

Beyond Just Cosplay from Campus Plus magazine

CPM - How long have you been involved in the cosplay community and what was your first memory of cosplay? Can you remember the first time you decided that you wanted to be a part of the community?

MH - I have been cosplaying since 2006, so 8 years now. My first memory of it was seeing it in gempak magazine in 2005. I decided to cosplay because it looks like fun to dress up as my favourite characters. I saw a cosplay competition in Kreko magazine called Malaysian Manga Cosplay and I, surprisingly went and compete with my first cosplay. I was a nervous wreck because not only it was my first cosplay, I was the first contestant too, but it was an exciting experience that I will never forget lol. I met many people who are very passionate in cosplay too.

CPM - The general public believes that cosplay is just putting on a costume, wig and makeup, and parading around. Is that all there is to cosplay?

MH - Of course there is more. To me, cosplaying is about portraying the character you love the best as you can and having fun with friends while doing it. It is how you express your creativity in cosplay by either sewing, make up, wig styling or prop making. The effort you bring your favourite character to life. Some people are cosplaying casually, some are passionate, some are competitive and some are for fun. All these are fine as long as they have good attitude that goes with it.

CPM - How do you choose which character to portray and get into character, and what kind of preparation would usually go into that?

MH - I usually pick characters that I really like. Sometimes I don't really care whether the character suits my body type or face or gender because I cosplay for fun and I don't really mind not being perfect. But sometimes there are characters that I really like but I won't cosplay them because I know my limitation that I cannot pull off such character, example, I may be able to cosplay a tall character even though I'm short, I can wear platform shoes but I can't cosplay a bulky macho character because I cannot fake the illusion like I did with tall characters. Even if I already like and know the personalities and backstory of the character, I will still do more in-depth research on the details for the costume and the correct poses to role-play.

CPM - Where do you usually source materials for your cosplay costume/outfit? More importantly, where do you get your inspiration(s) from?

MH - I usually get cloth from any local stores like Nagoya and Kamdar because it’s much cheaper.  Sometimes I order online for materials that doesn’t sells in Malaysia like PVC lycra or vinyl. Most of the time I sew my costume myself, other times if I'm too busy, I will commission tailors to make it. I get inspirations from characters themselves and I'm also inspired by overseas cosplayers that I looked up to, like OMI GIBSON from Japan and RRArtGroup from Russia.

Beyond Just Cosplay from Campus Plus magazine

CPM - What has been your best cosplay memory/experience to date and why? Do include event name (if any) and date.

MH - I have many best memories of cosplay! But generally I have to say my best memory is meeting my fiancĂ©, Iskandar or known as Zend through cosplay. I met him in 2007 but we don't know each other at the time, I just saw him around events, not until 2009 that we became friends and started dating in early 2010. We got engaged in August 2013 and now soon to be wed. I think by the time this magazine is published, we're already married lol. This will always be my best memory of cosplay. If specifically, I would say gathering my huge Mortal Kombat group for Comic Fiesta 2013 because we have been planning for 2 years and we managed to make a full group consist of 25 cosplayers. I always love to organize and managing big cosplay group and this is one of the reasons why I cosplay. It’s fun to cosplay in big group of friends while solving problems together along the way. We helped each other in making props and costume. I will never forget the memories of bonding, helping, having fun, geek-ing, being stressed and passionate together with friends for this hobby.

MORTAL KOMBAT! + Cosplay video by miyavihoney on DeviantArt

CPM - How has the cosplay community in Malaysia grown over the years? What are some of the most notable changes that you've seen within the community and the general public’s awareness?

MH - 8 years in the community made me see the transition of the small community, where everyone knows everyone to this massive subculture that’s going on in Malaysia. Cosplay events was so scarce back in my days, but now every month or couple of weeks there are events popping up like mushrooms. I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing for the community to the public eyes, since most of events nowadays are in public places like malls instead of at convention halls. Are they trying to help our community shed good light to the public or exploiting us? We're being exposed everywhere and I know most of us have good attitude but we can't say that all of us are the same. What the community want is to show that cosplay is a healthy hobby for everyone, no matter race, size, age etc.

CPM - Where do you hope to see cosplay go in the near future, in Malaysia?

MH - I hope Malaysia cosplay would have more variety that includes western pop culture; cosplay is not just for Japanese anime and mangas. The term ‘Cosplay’ was first discovered by Nobuyuki Takahashi at Los Angeles sci-fi convention. Cosplay does widely include movies, books, tv shows, cartoons, comics, iconic figures etc. I also hope to see Malaysian cosplay events that can rival San Diego Comic Con, Dragon*Con, Comiket or Tokyo Game Show.

Beyond Just Cosplay from Campus Plus magazine

CPM - We understand that during a cosplay event, there are other activities that run concurrently too. Tell us a little bit more about those activities.

MH - Other activities such as buying merchandise from doujin booths refer to amateur self-published works. Cosplay competition are very popular activity in any events, even government events have them for Hari Belia or any youth related events. They have comic artists or singer/band artists signing sessions. Usually console and card game tournaments will be held in another hall. They also have talks or demos by comic artists or cosplay idols of their works on stage.

CPM - Some bad rep was recently implicated following the case of the Ng Yuk Tim. If you had the power to turn things around, from bad to good, what would you tell Malaysians about cosplay i.e. what it’s really about and how incidents like Yuk Tim’s doesn’t happen to everyone?

MH - Like I said earlier, cosplay is a safe and healthy hobby of costuming and roleplaying for everyone with the correct attitude. It’s a medium where people can be outspoken, socialize, and expand their creativity. I am very sorry to hear what happened to Ng Yuk Tim. In this case, it is the fault of being human itself. In any kind of society, don't make one bad apple spoils the bunch. This goes to everyone and not just cosplayers, self-awareness and being alert are important. BE SMART.

Friday, January 30, 2015


On Day 1 it was supposed to be X-Force group.
It's too bad that we didn't manage to really took pictures of us together
I end up need to photoshop us. Since drefan was a lil late to the venue and Jean got overheated
in his suit and passed out at the hotel.
So here is our 'group shot'

Zend was also one of the judges for group competition together with 2 other idols, Xrystal and Yuegene. (He is sucha Retis ;D)
So we got the Hall passes and doesn't need to got through the whole halls to get to places.
But it's pretty sucks being a judge.
KLCC guard won't let me into the halls cause i don't have a guest pass, Zend had one and I was his fiance at the time, other judges get to bring their friends in the halls too!
but thanked God that Potter was there and gave me another pass.
Poor Zend waited for 45 min for briefing because the other 2 judges was late!
The committee told him he will get a goodie bag but he never did!
Anyway the guest judges are nice and very curious of our costumes since I was Domino and he was Wolverine.
Haha it'll be the last time he'll be judging for CF, he did judge the competition back in CF09.

MORTAL KOMBAT! + Cosplay video by miyavihoney on DeviantArt

So on day 2, since we already made Marvel and DC comics in previous years,
we made Mortal Kombat group! cause everyone in the group agrees with it.
There are some compromising for the characters but my hubby and I are okay with it.
Rather than having Sonya pair up with Johnny, I like her better with Kano anyway XD

Liu Kang - Kyo
Kitana - Carina Ba Na Na
Mileena - Masako
Jade - Shannon Thowy
Sindel - Sylmerea Ainnevlis
Sonya Blade - miyavi honey
Kano - Zend
Scorpion - Wanteddog
Subzero - Rize San
Reptile - Affan
Ermac - DeidaraGS
Frost - Yuoici Wataru
Smoke - Anjerasu Éstacado
Rain - Black Roach
Kenshi - Evilmatter
Kung Lao - Nakamura
Shinnok - Bill
Sektor - Nabil theUnicorn
Johnny Cage - Riez Forester
Kabal - Jiro Kazuhiko
Ashrah - Iylia
Raiden - Dora
Stryker - Flame 13th
Shang Tsung - Kuro Iku

It was really hard to take a group picture since we had so many people
and the traffic in the hall was so bad. So I had to photoshop everyone in.
It does look like we are in game models of the characters right?
Here is a video of us by Studio Omoshiroi and a clip of us in his video.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

SMK Bandar Sunway Batch 2006 5A2

Okay I had to post this up since I have to delete most of my videos in youtube.
So I need to save my videos somewhere else.
I decided to put it up here and made a dedication post for my ex high school friends.


Anyway SMK Bandar Sunway Batch 2006 5A2!!! You guys ROCKS!!!!
I love you guys and I miss you guys dearly ;w;
I hope everyone are well and successful!


I really wanted to have a Reunion with you guys, can someone arrange it? XP

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mini Mobile Comic Strips

I've been doing some freelance mini mobile comics.
The titles sounds very generic(I had no say to that matter before any was launch) but I really try to make the story funny and interesting.
If anyone interested to read it, you can subscribes with your phone.
It is a continuously long comic so expect at least 50+(still on going) chapters.

Cinta Gadis Kolej - type ON GJ to 27272 for Celcom or type ON GJ to 23238 for Maxis

Soccer Striker - type ON SS to 23268 for Maxis or type ON SS to 22220 for Digi

Shuttle Smasher - type ON SHS to 28444 for Celcom or type ON SHS to 23268 for Maxis

Kucing Jahat - type ON JAHAT to 28444 for Celcom or type ON MIU to 23238 Maxis or type ON KJ to 22220 for Digi

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Been Dead Again

Ever since they integrate google plus with blogger,
 some bug messed up my navigations and made me just fed up with blogger.
And I've been dead from posting any stuff in here.
But now that it's fixed, I'm getting in back to blogging again.
I'm probably gonna do movie reviewing more.
Sorry for it took so long to post this up.
Life for me have been such a change.


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