Saturday, November 29, 2014

SMK Bandar Sunway Batch 2006 5A2

Okay I had to post this up since I have to delete most of my videos in youtube.
So I need to save my videos somewhere else.
I decided to put it up here and made a dedication post for my ex high school friends.


Anyway SMK Bandar Sunway Batch 2006 5A2!!! You guys ROCKS!!!!
I love you guys and I miss you guys dearly ;w;
I hope everyone are well and successful!


I really wanted to have a Reunion with you guys, can someone arrange it? XP

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mini Mobile Comic Strips

I've been doing some freelance mini mobile comics.
The titles sounds very generic(I had no say to that matter before any was launch) but I really try to make the story funny and interesting.
If anyone interested to read it, you can subscribes with your phone.
It is a continuously long comic so expect at least 50+(still on going) chapters.

Cinta Gadis Kolej - type ON GJ to 27272 for Celcom or type ON GJ to 23238 for Maxis

Soccer Striker - type ON SS to 23268 for Maxis or type ON SS to 22220 for Digi

Shuttle Smasher - type ON SHS to 28444 for Celcom or type ON SHS to 23268 for Maxis

Kucing Jahat - type ON JAHAT to 28444 for Celcom or type ON MIU to 23238 Maxis or type ON KJ to 22220 for Digi

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Been Dead Again

Ever since they integrate google plus with blogger,
 some bug messed up my navigations and made me just fed up with blogger.
And I've been dead from posting any stuff in here.
But now that it's fixed, I'm getting in back to blogging again.
I'm probably gonna do movie reviewing more.
Sorry for it took so long to post this up.
Life for me have been such a change.


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