A New Year A New Resolution

Yes I've been saying this for a million times, that I will revive my blog and it always didn't happen...
I guess I've been spoiled with relying on twitter for my instant blog updates.
Twitter is just sooo me since I usually don't talk much on social media.
So i really hope there are still people in the internet who still read blogs like mine...
I think most people already moved to tumblr, I have one but I never post anything, only reposts..
cause I think most tumblr-ian are pretty intense and I don't dare to post any of my thoughts there,
I wouldn't know what to do if I get a backlash or something...

Before I get started on my usually blogs on movies, games, animes, cosplays, travels etc
Here's a lil recap of everything that's been happening in my life..
I've forgotten what I've said in the previous posts,
Have I told you guys I'm married to Zend? For 3 years already?

Okay next, we made a retro gaming business called, Zendersons Store
We sells retro video games, retro consoles from gen 1-7, retro handhelds consoles and tons of other related stuff.
We're an online store and also opens at Amcorpmall fleamarket in Petaling Jaya every weekends (saturday-sunday) from 11 am - 6 pm.
Come and stop by there for free play retro games to relive some of your childhood games.
The company is 1 1/2 years and it's solely our bread and butter so do check our stuff in fb, instagram and twitter.

Lastly, we build a house of our own and it's gonna finish soon and we'll be moving in by the end of next month InsyaAllah. It's located pretty far, it's in between Klang and Kuala Selangor.
I'll make a proper separate post about the house later.

So yeah, that's about it that's been happening in my life, we're been traveling around Malaysia and overseas several times, that's it...
Maybe I'll elaborate more on those travels in my other posts, since I really need to keep this blog alive again.
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