Cosplayers for Hire!

I'm making this blog post so that it's easier for clients to view our rate for cosplay costume appearances.
My husband, Zend and I usually are a lil picky doing these kind of jobs because it's just a side income for us.
We only take on jobs that meet our requirements.
Our costumes are all western based movies, cartoons, comics.
We prefer to direct contact to the client instead of 3rd party/ middle man.
This service will include costume, talents, and make up.
Please read the requirements below before contacting me at cipansoad@gmail(dot)com

Rate per cosplayers (indoor):
1 hour = Rm 250
2 hours = Rm 400
4 hours =Rm 700
(Outdoor) 1 hour = rate + Rm 50

Costumes available

Batman BVS Latex

Harry Potter

Batman BVS Knightmare

Batman BVS normal

Wolverine Cartoon

Catwoman Comic

Wolverine Comic Leather

Marty Mcfly Back to the Future

Frodo Baggins Lord of the Rings

Princess Peach Super Mario Bros

Shredder and April O'neil Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Wonder Woman BVS

Rate special cosplayers (indoor):
1 hour = Rm 300
2 hours = RM 500
4 hours = Rm 800
(Outdoor) 1 hour = rate + Rm 50

Costume available

Armor Batman BVS movie

Promotion 'Trinity' set rate each cosplayers (indoor):
1 hour = Rm 200
2 hour = Rm 380
4 hour = Rm 650
(Outdoor) 1 hour = rate + Rm 50
(Extra for batman bvs latex) 1 hour = rate + Rm 50

Costume available

Wonder Woman bvs, Batman bvs (either knightmare/normal), Superman bvs
Some of the jobs that we did:

Ninetology X Airasia, U9 mobile launch 

DIGI wwwow awards

Batman V Superman Run

Amcorpmall characters appearances

RHB bank X x-men:apocalypse TGV screening

Gurney Paragon Mall Penang X DC Comics Run

Takahashi cafe pavilion mall opening launch

Animax Channel X Halloween Party

Animax Channel X Malaysia Media Awards

All photos credited to respective photographers.

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