On Day 1 it was supposed to be X-Force group.
It's too bad that we didn't manage to really took pictures of us together
I end up need to photoshop us. Since drefan was a lil late to the venue and Jean got overheated
in his suit and passed out at the hotel.
So here is our 'group shot'

Zend was also one of the judges for group competition together with 2 other idols, Xrystal and Yuegene. (He is sucha Retis ;D)
So we got the Hall passes and doesn't need to got through the whole halls to get to places.
But it's pretty sucks being a judge.
KLCC guard won't let me into the halls cause i don't have a guest pass, Zend had one and I was his fiance at the time, other judges get to bring their friends in the halls too!
but thanked God that Potter was there and gave me another pass.
Poor Zend waited for 45 min for briefing because the other 2 judges was late!
The committee told him he will get a goodie bag but he never did!
Anyway the guest judges are nice and very curious of our costumes since I was Domino and he was Wolverine.
Haha it'll be the last time he'll be judging for CF, he did judge the competition back in CF09.

MORTAL KOMBAT! + Cosplay video by miyavihoney on DeviantArt

So on day 2, since we already made Marvel and DC comics in previous years,
we made Mortal Kombat group! cause everyone in the group agrees with it.
There are some compromising for the characters but my hubby and I are okay with it.
Rather than having Sonya pair up with Johnny, I like her better with Kano anyway XD

Liu Kang - Kyo
Kitana - Carina Ba Na Na
Mileena - Masako
Jade - Shannon Thowy
Sindel - Sylmerea Ainnevlis
Sonya Blade - miyavi honey
Kano - Zend
Scorpion - Wanteddog
Subzero - Rize San
Reptile - Affan
Ermac - DeidaraGS
Frost - Yuoici Wataru
Smoke - Anjerasu Éstacado
Rain - Black Roach
Kenshi - Evilmatter
Kung Lao - Nakamura
Shinnok - Bill
Sektor - Nabil theUnicorn
Johnny Cage - Riez Forester
Kabal - Jiro Kazuhiko
Ashrah - Iylia
Raiden - Dora
Stryker - Flame 13th
Shang Tsung - Kuro Iku

It was really hard to take a group picture since we had so many people
and the traffic in the hall was so bad. So I had to photoshop everyone in.
It does look like we are in game models of the characters right?
Here is a video of us by Studio Omoshiroi and a clip of us in his video.

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