Comic Fiesta 12 and Happy New Year

It's been A YEAR since I update my Journal... so yeah the next time I'll update will be next year too :P
So happy new year to everyone. Hope this year is just as awesome as last year with friends and my dearest :iconzend:

And Happy 10th years Anniversary Comic Fiesta! XD
So I don't have a long report on my CF, met a lot of new friends from Singaporeans & Indonesians, also old friends too that haven't see for quite awhile.
This time can hang out longer since the whole bunch of friends are staying in hotels.
And raid people's rooms *w* since we're so free and had completed our costumes already.

Whole weekend being teased by Jean and Drefan of my lil slipped by giving the wrong message to Jean that was meant for Zend couple of days before CF...
Cannot Unheard of it anymore..... orz LMAO too funny when they said it instead XD

Anyway 1st day, I was Vampire Jubilee from X-23 comic with my bub, Zend as Wolverine.
My fangs totally melted and made me gave up on my nails... ;___; oh well it turns out ok.
We had a lil Marvel/X-men group on Day 1, we're in this video by KC aka Studio Omoshiroi

The event was packed but it always do, so why complain the same thing, just endure it lah XD
Day 2 we did our DC comic group

DC Comic CF2012 by ~miyavihoney on deviantART

It wasn't as big as the previous Marvel team but we had so much more fun!
I was Catwoman and Zend was Batman!
Some of our peeps were interviewed by Mentol Pecah in this vid

I love this vid!!
WOO HOO more western cosplays!!!
Here is another video of us but not complete group thou

We both bought a lot of stuff at CF, one of my faves are district 9 artbook, Nabs's Steve Loki'd badge and Jotun!Loki prints *Q*and Hanie Mohd sweater!catwoman print! :D

It was an awesome year!!!
so that's all for this post!


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