Comic Fiesta 2011

Hey ya'll!
I'm sorry and i know it's late but Happy 10th years Anniversary COMIC FIESTA!
I had awesome Comic Fiesta 2011 experiences!
even with the lock down and flat tire otw there X_X , I had super fun with my epic groups and managed to get into the halls in the end and bought lots of stuff.
Mostly are metal gear solid stuff, i was surprised there was so many MGS merchandises OwO not that im complaining, it was great!
Here are the stuff that me and zend bought that day

KYAAAAAAAA-ING OVER MGS STUFF AT CF!!! OSM SHIT this one artist booth have everything!
They even gave some free stuff cause we made their day by buying all of em!

I super like the style! Cowboy Bebop FTW!!!
I also bought a Loki badge but i kinda forgot to take a picture of it :P

On first day I was Edward from Cowboy Bebop, always been my all time favorite anime.
Need more film noir genre animes! had a group picture here

Cowboy Bebop by ~miyavihoney on deviantART

I was fangirling everyone of my team members cause seriously i love all of the characters!
too bad we dont have Julia ;w; wish we could have Andy and Gren too >w<

on 2nd day was my epic Marvel group, i was Mystique
and here is our group pic

MARVEL COMIC FIESTA 2011 by ~miyavihoney on deviantART

it was really a fun group! we even had lunch together in costumes XD
I cant believe me and zend actually manage to gather this group!
it was EPIC cause its collaboration of Singaporean, Australian and Malaysian cosplayers together!
I am so proud of US!
then even got featured in TV3, so we did some Marvel action packed heroes vs villains stuff for the camera.
It will be airing in February so gotta wait for Izzul to give a go then can only get the video release to us.
We Marvel peeps had dinner after the event too. Man i missed our Marvel group already.

I met with all awesome friends there!
New friends that have been chatting fer while and finally met, Drefan, Judith, Kiellne and Jean ♥♥♥
friends that have been so long haven't meet, Audrey and Sizer ♥♥♥
All of my friends really made my CF days! especially with my handsome gruff bud Zend dear ♥♥♥♥♥

Overall i really love this year comic fiesta and good job guys!
I dont care bout other people complain bout it cause the event is A++++ to me!

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