All Time Favorite Actors [Update 2017]

Happy New Year Guys and this will be my first post of 2012
and I'm feeling like talking about the actors that I really like.
The rating is base on my Likeness.
Some actors i really like just solely because of himself rather than his performance

1. Viggo Mortensen

He's my No. 1 favorite actor!
At first I was attracted to his face, his build, I just like his overall look and bonus +100 with facial hairs :D
and there's something in his eyes, large yet deep eyes.
When he act, those eyes just shows everything..
That's what I like about him.

Knew him from The Lord of the Rings (obviously)
I really love him as Aragorn, and I watched his other movies too,
Hidalgo, The Road, A Dangerous Method, A History of Violence, The Two Faces of January etc
I cried a lot for The Road, from the beginning till the end, SUPERB PERFORMANCE!
and I'm stuck with him now!
He seldom acts nowadays, it made me sad but I'll catch up with his older movies.
He has tons of em!

2. Alan Rickman

RIP Alan Rickman, I love you so much.
I cried so hard when i heard you died in early 2016.
I just love Alan's deep English voice and hooked nose LOL
This might sound bias but i like Alan, it must be because of how he portray Snape.

Obviously I knew him from Harry Potter series first
then branched out in Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Dogma, Dark Harbour, Die hard etc

3. Gary Oldman

He is one bloody awesome actor!
But I really love him as Dracula, he's so dashing, handsome at the time.
I was swooned!

I love him as Sirius in Harry Potter, Gordon in Batman movies
and tons of other movies that I really like him in!
like Hannibal, Fifth Elements, Air Force One, Tinker tailor soldier spy, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Robocop etc

4. Bryan Cranston

He deserved all the awards he gets and more!
Superb actor! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!
Grow up watching him as the goofy Hal in Malcolm in the Middle
and then the awesome Heisenberg in Breaking Bad.

I watched him in Cold Comes the Night, John Carter, Total Recall etc
He was BRILLIANT in Trumbo and The Infiltrator!
He should've won an oscar for both of em! but alas he didn't but surely next time Bryan!
I cant wait to see him in my childhood movie The Power Rangers.

5. Sharlto Copley

A bias selection BUT JUST LOOK AT HIM!
Bloody handsome, funny and multi talented!
I fell for him hard as Wikus in District 9
Superb acting in a fokking superb movie!

He is so down to earth person and did i mention funny?
even though he'd only act for several movies
He gave great performances and I just know he will be brilliant in any roles he take.
He was superb in Elysium and Chappie but...
OMG he acted as several other people in Hardcore Henry and totally blown my mind!
I want him in the new Alien movie GDI!

6. Colin Farrell

I've always had a crush on Colin since Alexander.
I don't care what people say about him in that movie, but I love it.
Thanked God now he's not the Bad Boy type but a loving dad and sobered up for a long time.

I absolutely love him as Jerry Dandrige in Fright Night remake. OMG the best vampire ever!
I watched so many of his films, Fantastic Beast, Total recall, minority report, A way Back etc
His small role in Saving Mr. Banks was so good and so much feels, I just cant.
I still haven't got the time to watch In Bruges, they say its his BEST WORK and won an award for it.
I cant wait to see Beguiled this year!

7. Ewan McGregor

He's such a sweet man to me
and i've watched a lot of his movies too!
but I will always love him as the young padawan and jedi master, Obi Wan Kenobi
the first time i knew him as the character...

I also love him in tons of other movies, like...
Moulin Rouge!, Down with Love, Big Fish, The Island, I love you Phillips Morris, Beginners etc
i also love him cause he can bring a lot of different roles

8. Aaron Paul

This dude will go far i tell you.
He is so passionate in acting, every time he acts drama, my heart just breaks!
He's that good for a young actor.
Humble and always do treasure hunts with his fans.

I knew him as Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad but actually I've seen him so many times in ads like
Coca cola, Juicy Fruits and in Korn music videos too..
Of course I've watched all of his movies,  A Long Way Down, Need For Speed,  Decoding Annie Parker, Bad Girls from Valley High etc
I love him in Helion. Cant wait for Triple nine and Exodus!

9. Henry Cavill

This man is the cutest ever!
He has such gentle eyes and his lil crooked teeth is just adorkable XD
He was so good in Man of Steel. I cried cause his pain felt so real.
I love that movie, it shows how human Superman is.

Both Immortal and The man from U.N.C.L.E was awesome.
I love em both! I wanna see him in more movies! I cant wait for Justice League next year!

10. Lee Pace

This sweetheart i can't see him as a villain!
but he did several villains/anti protagonists.
Most everyone knew him as Thranduil, but i knew him from The Fall.
I love him and the child actress in that movie. A sad adventure indeed. :')

I had watched Soldier's Girl, The Single Man, The Hobbit, Guardians of the Galaxy, Marmaduke, Pushing Daisies
Definitely love him as Thranduil! I was hoping to see more scenes of him but alas..
I really hope they will make The Silmarillion and include him and oropher too! XDDD

11. Tom Hardy

I really do have  a thing with English actors...
I dont know why... maybe the accent?
I knew Tom from the movie Inception as Eames
I was like holy shit look at those lips! bloody hell sexy!

I've watched many of his movies, RocknRolla, Warriors, Layer Cake, Bronson etc
But I love him in Stuart: a life backward.
He superbly perform sucha lovable character! seriously the best performance he did!

12. Keanu Reaves

This cinnamon roll needs to be protected at all cost.
He's been through so many hardships. I want him to be happy!
I've love him in so many movies, The Matrix, Speed, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Constantine, My Own Private Idaho and alot more.
HECK i even watched him in Keanu, he only had one scene as a TALKING CAT LOL

But I gotta as John Wick is his best movie ever and I love it so much!
I knew him as Ted from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure movie then on the tv series, he was such a cutie.
I cant wait for the third installment of John Wick.

13. Tom Hiddleston

Here's another cutie pie that just can't stop smiling his beautiful teeth lol
A brilliant new actor that have a lot of potentials
He could bring the most of villainous villain and also being the sweetest person ever.

I fell for his Loki instantly
and his eyes reminds me a lil of Viggo, those eyes shows everything..
that's why i have very high hope for Tom.
Love him in Midnight in Paris, War Horse, Thor, Archipelago etc

There are so many other actors that I love!
I will fill in the rest when i have time XD

Norman Reedus
Armie Hammer
Ezra Miller
Ben Affleck
Sam Rockwell
James Franco
Andy Serkis
Charlie Day
Bennedict Cumberbatch
Liam Neeson
Hugo Weaving
Cillian Murphy
Tom Cruise
Jake Gyllenhaal
Adrian Brody
Edward Norton
Colin Farrell
Guy Pearce
Michael Fassbender
Anton Yelchin
Joseph Gordon-Levit
Gerard Butler
Daniel Craig
Colin Firth
Doug Jones


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