Halloween 2011

So this year Zend and I going for 2 Halloween competition on 29th and 30th October 2011.
I did a last minute Nurse from Silent Hill with the help of my dearest Zend making the bubble head,
while i did the rest of the costume :D

so the first one is Halloween Make Over Challenge 2011,
held at Berjaya time square...
the competition was a lot of hassle =3=
need to get votes from random people.. then some stage action..
there was so many contestants...
it was Chinese base competition, so most of the time we don't understand what they're saying...
and also suddenly there was a lot of professional make up artists helping the other contestants in term of make up etc..
it was unfair as we do everything our own...
in the end all 5 winners are the make up artist helped before..
we only get 2 free movie tickets...
even though it end up like that but i had so much fun with Zend that day
Now we can go scare people together too! ♥

we meet up with Gypsy in the middle of the competition, then with flame+his friend and Rul at Subway after the competition.

The next day was the Ghost in the making costume contest at e@Curve.
I did more altering on the costume in the morning cause the contest starts at 6pm...
we went for lunch and watch a movie staring Justin Timberlake in "In Time"

I really love the concept on time as money.
Very alternate universe, it doesn't explained much of the world but i like it to be imaginative.
Justin is awesome in this as well as Cillian Murphy ♥♥♥♥ I super like Cillian so much!!
but i hate the ending of him! HOW COULD THEY JUST KILL HIM OFF LIKE THAT
at least have him a lil more heroic =A= sigh...

anyway after that we went for the contest..
all of the contestants will win money price so i wasn't so worry.
but suddenly I won 2nd place! Rm 500 with Rm400 samsung voucher!
it is all thanks to my Zend dear for helping so much with the mask! ;w;
I was really into the Character all the time during the entire event.
It was so much fun scaring people!
you gaiz can view the full picture HERE

after that we celebrate our dinner at The Apartment! eating some awesome tasty food ♥
Belanja-ing my dear Zend ♥

The weekend was all good! I'm so Happy!

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