Happy Birthday to Me and Harry Potter The End of an Era party

My birthday was on 31 July,
narukids and cappy thought they wanna make my birthday party together with the Harry Potter The End of an Era party too.
I didn't know my birthday was the same as HARRY, NEVILLE AND JK ROWLING! Im a bad fan :P
anyway it's a party to appreciate the Harry Potter movie works of JK Rowling books.

So both parties starts on 30th July, 8pm, at SOHO Fmpire Gallery Mall.
They booked a super nice apartment there and we decor-ed it with some Harry Potter stuff!
but we're kinda missing a lot of Hufflepuff decors... we're discriminating that house orz.
It was super fun to cosplay as Harry Potter characters while doing a lot of Harry Potter activities like in the books said.
I was Luna Lovegood and Zend was my Neville Longbottom XD

We were invited via email and also mail, for our passwords to get into the room of requirement.
Which was 'Fairy Light'...
after entering, we can hear the HP OST music and there are a lot of activities and a lot on food!
Pumpkin juice! Butter Beers! Pies! Beef stews! Spaghetti! tarts! cakes, candies and sorts!
I was totally fulled! thanks you to Ike, narukids and cappy for making most of of the food.

after that Ike hooked up the dvd and played the director's cut version of movies...
too bad the PS3 cant be hooked up to the tv or we would have watch HP in HD marathon movies till morning.
then the major event of the evening was The Sorting session!
before the party, cappy emailed us questions to where will we be sorted in the houses at the party..

I get to be in Slytherin! FOK YEAH! same gang with Usagi/Hexlord and zend dear XD
after that it was 12pm already!
and it's time to cut my birthday cake lol and several other people join to cut it too
Harry(narukids), Neville (zend) and Guki(cause she's a July baby too)
then we played some Harry Potter board games...
it was really fun and interesting.. but i guess too little characters in the board game thou.
Here are the video that I record to summarized the whole party!

at 3pm me and zend was supposed to checked out David Hayter's livestreaming video but we were too late ;w;
it already ended.. sobs... next time lah...

The next day was only a birthday date with zend only of course!
He cooked me Lamb with spaghetti and onion rings!! MY FAVES!!!
and aiyo he bought a lot of presents too X_X
No need so many but THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAR! I LOVE YOU! ♥♥♥

Now for some present pictures!
Firstly, these are the presents by zend

Metal Gear Solid Guns of the Patriots game was a super early birthday present that was given in May i think? LOL

Wireless MP3 + headphone + bluetooth! just what i need while on the bus to college.

Majin VEGETA! it's over 9000!!!! now he sits with another vegeta figurine on my PC.

MADE IN JAPAN IN 1999 when the MGS game was out!
now everyday i will think he's like Woody in Toy Story.. HAHA
he'll be sneaking around the house without us knowing XD QCQ-ing lizards or something

this present is from ezard XD
he said the seller gave him the wrong one..
cause he picked up a wizard/witch version...this one is a ninja instead

this is also an early birthday gift.. if you read my previous post..
this was the ticket for the MTV World Stage 2011 given by Ike

there is another gift by Dora, Rul, Gypsy, Mogi and Kuro too
It was One Piece Thousand Sunny ship!
Finally finish assembling it!

So that's all for this post XD

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