MTV World Stage Malaysia 2011

YES it's my first time going to MTV World Stage!
Ike gave me 1 of the 4 tickets that she won on contest!
Thank you so much Ike!!! ♥ just my luck cause my birthday is coming soon! my 1st present! lol
AAAAAAAAAAA there's gonna be 30 Second to Mars!!!
JAREEEDDD!!! that's the only sole purpose of this quest... 8D
So Me, Ike and Cappy gather at my house and arrive at I-City around 4pm.
The concert starts at 6.30pm. The line up bands are Pop Shuvit, Beast, Neon Trees and 30 Seconds to Mars.

At the beginning it was soooo annoying cause of lining up and spot check shit.
I got so pissed off that my water bottle and umbrella get confiscated. Bloody hell lah....
After we got into the concert area, we bought water which was super small in a freaking cup..
totally wanna rage already, but my mood lighten up as we got to the front right side on the stage.
Which is just next to the VIP area.

Then suddenly i met up with a high school friend of mine!OMG NATASHAAA♥
i knew she's there just to see Beast (Kpop) but i didnt hang out long with her cause i wanna sit at the front.
Even though they confiscated my stuff.. they didn't notice my vid cam 8D Take that!
So i recorded most of the performance and mashed them up in this vid below

at first i was so jealous that Jared pick up 2 people from the crowd,
then later he pick up a whole bunch of at the VIP area but Meeeehh,
it's just Jared, i like him but not enough to feel disappointing to not being on stage with him.
If it was Serj Tankian or Metallica, then i would be disappointing not being there.
I just like Jared for his acting, his singing is just so-so.

After the concert ends, we did a little picnic at the parking lot, eating spaghetti 8D
thanks to ike again ♥

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