Sakura Taisen Photoshoot

Finally Kid's dream of having a full group of Sakura Taisen are fulfilled!
The big group this time isnt under my arrangement xD as i usually do big groups
Here is some preview of us, i'll put up the gallery link soon

Sakura Taisen by ~miyavihoney on deviantART

anyway there was some bad news on that day >w<
its was raining for quite a while and we missed our picnic scene,
which instead had to be done indoor *sobs* but we all had fun!

oh yeah let me introduce the casts and productions!

Orihime Soletta - ay_ike_jay
Kanna Kirishima - yuan cross
Maria Tachibana - cappy phreakyfish
Sumire Kanzaki - Venus
Ohgami Eichiro - sparda
Sakura Shinguji - valkyrie holic
Li Kohran - ME
Iris Chateaubriand - narukids
Leni Milchstra├če - skypegasus

it was the first time i met Odinarylight aka PuKwong
we also have the three musketeers! Razrig, Blur and KC!
haha its quite hard to get them to photoshoot nowadays,
so i appreciated their time with us.

to our saikangs who help us with the umbrella and running here and there xD
Kuro! and Kevin! Potter and Shiomaru stopped by with their delicious mashed potatoes!
so many yummy food at the picnic! i did a bento for Zend dear <3
poor him had to run around without shoes cause i stole em >.< THANKS dear!

 and i'm proud to present that me, zend and mogi did a videoshoot of us!
 based on the Original Opening and the OVA opening! ENJOY!

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