Guess who am i cosplaying?

Guess who am i cosplaying? by ~miyavihoney on deviantART

Got a game for ya guys, this game only apply to Blogger peeps..
those who've seen this in FB and deviantart... sshhuuussshh

so the game is Guessed who im cosplaying..
the person who gets to spot on all the correct names and from which animes from gets a present!
(i still have no idea what to give)

this is what happened when i see some of my friends camwhore with their new wig..

btw I did not spray the wig to style all 23 characters cause the spray can was MIA
and i only have 2 pins in hand...
i just combed em up

forgot to warn ya guys that it might be pretty hard to guess on some characters

GIMME NAME AND ANIME then you will be entertained xD

Im still doing the video of me henshin all 23 wig style,
its taking too long to finish it and i keep procrastinate /gg XP
So just keep a look out on the video in my youtube channel okay xD
will put it up soon in the blog after i upload it there
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