Happy Anniversary ♥ 6.2.11

Today is my 1st Anniversary with Iskandar (zend dearest)!
actually according to Islamic calender it already passed 12 days ago on 20(or 21) safar :3
our anniversary started with me giving my present to him around 1am like that xD
i was busy doing it the day before and resizing and uploading it on fb >w<
my present is so simple >< due to lack of money
but im so glad he love it so much!
HAHA i had fun seeing him so excited and spazzing looking at it xD SO CUTE!

here is the compilation of my present

i had seen a friend did something a bit like this for birthday, so i just improvise it,
didnt even notice got 43 pictures all together! LOL

that morning around 6.30am dei, sky, yuan, and kids, came to my house.
i promised them that they can changed at my house and go to the umineko photoshoot around 8.30am
then i bersiap to go to our date at pavillion xD
this is the most embarrassing thing that happend on my anniversary...
got into the bus then i stop on the wrong bus stop >w<
OMG WTH i was like so excited until salah stop orzzzzzzzz
then i had to walked quite awhile to get the the other bus stop
which is near tun sambattan monorail station and from there to raja chulan to meet up with zend....
LOL i had to walk next to the high way! there isnt any pathway either! OTL

anyway once we've gotten to pavillion,
we had hot and rolls for breakfast with some egg tards and fluffy mini pancakes looking xD
then zend gave me his present!

a JOKER SHIRT! LOL thanks a bunch dear! i will get a Harley one for ya too!
after that we went to watch a movie called The Song of Sparrow
it's an Iranian movie that only have 1 showing a day.

it won a lot of awards in several film festival recently
so we wanted to watch it, at first i dont feel like to watch a sad story..
cause i KNOW its a sad story... but other options are just bad...
green hornet.... yogi bear... and tons of CNY movies... shudders...
but i was really glad that we watched it!
its not that sad story but in some way it is but the actor really made me smile!

the story is about a family in the rural of Iran, the father works as in an Ostrich farm.
its the story of his life as things when bad and good...
this movie is definitely not a movie for stupid people (yes i said it cause i cant stand them)
only movie goer and film makers will understand what is the message is about..
its slow but not boring, its fascinating and fresh!
it opens up people's eyes on why they do this..
majorities always think Iranian or Muslim are barbaric with their wife and children
you will know their way of life in here, the actions the reasons...

to me this movie really shows how you view your own life...
really LOVE THE ACTOR! he's very rough looking but sweet and kind
haha like my dear! ♥
too bad there were just 8 people watching it... such disappointment...

after the movie we went to pray and go to lunch at Tony Romas!
kyyaaa its been a while since we ate ribs >w< ZOMG ONION RINGS!!! LOVEEEE!!!
then suddenly jeng jeng jeng he gave me another present! the real one!
CIS YOU!!!! it was....

you shouldn't have >w< OMG I love it! I LOVE YOU!
here are the full photoshoot of the figurines CLICK

after I spazzed and much, we ate our lunch and were both stuffed
and we also did our video log very long xD LOL
then i had to go back a lil early since nana is home alone
cause my parents went to send my brother to his college in Johor.
meet up with gypsy at the bus stop and they send me of at Kotaraya while they off to wangsa maju
its a good thing i went back home early cause it rained kaw2
in the middle of my journey >w< got home around 6.30pm.
I was exhausted and slept at 8 and woke up at 12 again lol

anyway me and zend did a Valentine/Anniversary cosplay for us a week ago
thank you USAGI for being our photographer in short notice!
its Joker x Harley ♥
i even made a comic for it and submit for a deviant art Cosplay-lah V-day contest that themed Guns and Roses

Chapter 6.2: Guns and Roses by ~miyavihoney on deviantART

I guess that's all that happened on our anniversary!
I LOVE YOU and hope we'll have a more awesome one next year!


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