CNY and Girls Day Out

Happy Chinese New Year : P
when Ikki and kids came to my house the day before to meet up with ezard and grab some costumes
we planned to go to Bella's CNY party at her house,
So Ikki, Cappy and Kids came to my house the next day around 1 pm.
Sky went there on her own cause its closer to her house...
We got really lost on the way to Bella's house which is at taman duta...
so far off sampai at sunway giza in damansara D8
we went a freaking cirlce again X_X orz
sky was cursing us in sms cause she had to put up with Taka... =.=
hahaha she so lonely there xD we arrived around 2pm i think... X_X
there was like so many people at Bella's house...
all the politician and CEOs and mafia looking people OAO
the only people that i knew that was there was hermes, syn, sandra, jun and her bf
and i heard sean was there but already left...

was too late to get any ang pau loh >w< so many people oso
we played Cappy's Taboo game xD it was so funny
but then kena kicked out of house haha cause the people gonna leave, so yeah
then out of the blue we all went to Sunway Giza since we gotten sesat until there just now
they all oso havent seen the place. Only i have been there before.
We all did a lil SS photoshoot there LOL

after that we all went to Ikano to eat some MEATBALLS! YAY
akhirnya Kids tak kempunan nemore!
and i also get to eat my AWESOME CAKE! GAH I MISSED IT!

we chatted about life and childhood stuff it was LOLed
then we went back home after one awesome girl day out!
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