Sephiroth -Insert theme song-

Meet Sephiroth,
a Syirian Hamster,
age: 6 month old,
hobby: becoming spiderman in the middle of the night in his cage,
hates: new people (he will pee and bite em),
likes: eating while sleeping,
features: white fur with beach color on head and butt, black tip on ears, he wears a fur skirt and have a big butt

Sephiroth is my sister's(Hana) pet hamster xD
name based on FF7 villain LOL obviously i named him
cause i love Sephiroth so much! one of my fave characters of all times!
we call him Sephy thou..

he's sleeping outside the cage

he woke up!

eating while sleeping! xD

my sister always put him in the trophy and he will sleep in it xD

its good that my sis always plays with it.. some kids would have bored by now >w<

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