New Year 2011

How did i celebrate 2011?

in the morning i went to sky and yuan's tsubasa reservoir chronicles, kurogane and tomoyo photoshoot with valho as another photographer at bukit jalil park.

Moon Princess and the Ninja by ~Amethyst-Team on deviantART

sky and yuan was kinda sick at the time X_X
then after the shoot we all rest at my house
they went to lunch and sleep to recover.

just like last year, they all gather at my house around 9pm-10pm
I celebrated with narukids, cyberz, dora, sky, yuan and ezard!
ike was supposed to join us but last minute couldn't make it >w<
while waiting a couple more minutes before we went to pyramid to see the fireworks
 they all are hangging out at my house watching 3 idiots lol

it was like our theme for this year was the 3 idiots xD
they cant stop singing the stupid song... ALL ISSS WEEELLL orz
got kambing la pakcik la in the song OTL but i like the story xD its so funny!
my parent weren't home, when we were about to leave my parents came back so yeah

we were kinda late to see the fireworks its already started before we get to the open parking lot at pyramid
the only person who got to shot with the fireworks was dora,
same like last year! that bugger =.=

Happy New Year! its 2011 now!
we had a snow spray fight! dora bought it and we scrambled getting a whole of the spray
and kaw2 spray dora hahahaha poor dude

after that we went to mamak to eat xD roti bom and ais milo ish LOVE <3
got back home and sleep cause in the morning we have our Anniversary Casual Eyeshield 21 photoshoot!
1.1.11 YOOOOOO!!!!

Read the whole report of the photoshoot HERE
there's gallery link and also we made a little short film of our ES21 team! WOOHOO!

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