Fig and Olive

So Imma gonna review Fig and Olive, this is quite a very late post actually.
Fig and Olive is actually a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant at Sunway Pyramid (Malaysia btw).
Stumbled upon it last time when i ate with my BF by coincidently.
It's a nice place, not many people but doesn't mean it taste bad.
Cause it's a new thing so people don't know bout it.
So here I am being the word of mouth to spread this news.

These are the dishes that we took the 2nd time we came here with my sis, Nana.

Olive Chicken Grilled Cheese
Herbs grilled chicken with green vegetables, onions, olives and cheese on a mayonnaise spread.

Figo Tapas
Mouth-watering platter of lemon coleslaw salata, crostini, figo bruschetta, figo fish fritters and morrocan drumlets

Fish and Chips
Premium breaded dory served with fries, coleslaw and tartar cause

Beef Margribi Kebab
Wrap with beef, green vegetables, onions and margribi sauce on a mayonnaise spread. (its Spicy)

Then I brought my parents to eat here, we took some of the same things as above and some new dishes too.

Fish Melted Cheese
Premium breaded dory served with melted cheese, fries, coleslaw and tartar sauce

Black Pepper Chicken with Potato
Herb grilled chicken served with Figo black pepper sauce, fresh greens and potato cilantro.

Overall I'd give 3.5-4 outta 5. Some dishes are very fresh and different taste to it which i like, can taste the honey and olive they often use. Cant taste much figs thou lol. But some dishes are the same ya can get anywhere. Personally I love the Figo Tapas <3 in terms of drinks they have the same things, but they have the Mediterranean and Moroccan tea and coffee which i didn't get the chance to order >w< no budget ady lah... I'll be sure to test em next time I'm eating there :3

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