Comic Fiesta 2010 review

So yeah, i went to comic fiesta 2010, its in BERJAYA TIME SQUARE HOTEL AGAIN!
why CF WWHWHHHYYYY???!!! sigh
as expected the 1st day was so crowded and stuffy and freaking hot....

me and zend dear did our secret cosplay plan which was Joker and Harley Quinn
wih gypsy as scarecrow too 8D

we also join the group competition >w< didn't won thou but it was fun! my 1st cosplay couple with my bf! The skit we did... orz i dont want to watch it again >////<

oh 2nd day was our Digimon Tamers group
me as takato, ryuuku as ruki, my bro affan as jenrya and my sis as Shiuchon

KARDOO SLAASSSHHUUUU by ~miyavihoney on deviantART

There was other Digimon Adventure and 02 cosplayers too in the group
zend was Black Wargreymon xD

Black Wargreymon: Stand tall by ~zend on deviantART

overall the event was ok but sigh over crowded i guess, they have to seriously move CF to KLCC convention center like literally... 11000 people came for the event man... seriously neeeedd to moveeee theeerreeeee....

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