Suits Up on International Suit Day

Suits day was yesterday on 13th Oct 2010
so i did a lil suit up closet myself at home.
my friends went out with their suit but i didnt get to tag along >w<
so i did a lil cosplay from Inception, Arthur, since he's famous for his suit ;D
not to mention i love his character too and will maybe do a group cosplay in the future.

haha camwhoring in my room fer a while
i had fun playing with the make up xD
its not that good cause i dont have variety of make up tools to play with
and itomaki recommend me to this vid for next time if i cosplay Arthur

she's a russian cosplayer, selfoblivion cosplaying as Jared Leto zomg i love him! >w<
anyway this Arthur cosplay is way too cute too xDD

by chiakimomo
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