The Vampire Chronicles

Since nowadays been all hype with vampires stuff, so I might as well talk something bout it.
To me the best Vampire movies that i have watched was Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice (screen writer) and Neil Jordan (director).
The casts are superb! even though i'm not a Tom Cruise(Lestat) or Brat Pitt(Louis) fans but they performed greatly in this movie.
Probably the only movie i like with Tom Cruise in it (no offence to his fans but his other movies are quite bad =/ )
there are also Antonio Banderas(Armand) and Kirsten Dunst(Claudia) in the cast.
here's the trailer of it

The story is from the 1st installment of the The Vampire Chronicles novels. There are already 10 books by Anne Rice.
The whole chronicles is the story about Lestat. Its usually being told in the 1st person view but its actually a 3rd person view.
In the Interview with the Vampire, Louis told his tale about him as a vampire to this young journalist from San Fransisco, Daniel.
His tale included how he met Lestat and his regret for turning into a vampire.
So actually the main story is about Lestat because he is the main character in the whole chronicles being told in 1st person view by a 3rd person view of Lestat.
Well I hope ya guys understand what i mean XD

so some pictures is a must! now this is what vampire looks like! creepy yet elegant, not some teenage hormone time bomb

you know i cant resist of some yaoi fan service here wouldn't ya?
there are some hints but there aren't any thou.

its a must watch if you love vampire movies. Here is the review

Apparently there was another movie that was made out of the 3rd installment of The Vampire Chronicles, which was the Queen of the Damned.

Directed by Michael Rymer but the screen writer is not Anne Rice which disappointed me.
This clearly made me think it wont be as good as the 1st Installment, and the reason they skipped the 2nd one is because The Vampire Lestat story is just too board
and Anne Rice already warned the production of Queen of the Damned that fans wont understand the 3rd installment without the 2nd one.
The story is a about Lestat (Stuart Townsend) and Akasha (Aaliyah), the Queen of Damned awakening. She tortures the mortals and also the immortals, and made Lestat her so called King.
To me it wasn't properly delivered or executed. Tom Cruise was asked to played as Lestat again but declined.
I guess he too knows where this was going =/

Anyway there are also rumors about a proper new movie of The Vampire Lestat. I copied from wiki:

"As of August 2009, recent talks have been underway in the continuation of 'The Vampire Chronicles' film series, with 'The Vampire Lestat' being the next film to be focused on in the series. Robert Downey Jr. is said to be up for the role of Lestat.
From 'Heading into the weekend Bloody Disgusting hit you with the monster news that Robert Downey Jr. was in talks to play Lestat de Lioncourt in Universal's reboot of Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles. Before we dive into official word from Rice, we learned over the weekend exclusively that the plan is to first adapt The Vampire Lestat, the second novel in the adult vampire franchise."

I have so much hope in this movie since it will tell more history of Lestat. Let's just pray that Anne Rice is supervising this one too. I wished they have made The Vampire Chronicles as a movie series rather than Twilight =.=

here are the list of the top 70 vampire movies, too bad Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles is No 15............. and NO EDWARD, you are not counted.


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