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Seriously im not here to bashed Vocaloid, i am not a fan of it but im just evaluating the gameplay.
Call me old school but i've played much more difficult and versatile rhythm based games in PSX.
Vocaloid is enjoyable, i played it for a while last time and now im just having this sudden thought..
Man... that game was easy... no challenge at all...
and i remember back then in PSX, this game called Beatmania Gotta Mix 2, well this is the 2nd installment.
I played the 1st one too but this ver. have more awesome songs and much more difficult...

see it for yourself

-Yuji kano feat.sasazuka ittukenya - marlie-chang (k-darta mix)
-Little Big Bee - Centralization
-Macky - Z.O.E (gamelan minimal mix)

there's 5 songs in the vid and i love all the songs but i personally LOVE North and Infinite Prayer...
i was about 13 when i played this thing...comparing playing Beatmania and Vocaloid...
I was tearing my hair off playing beatmania man!
cause its so hard, i had to practice to catch up to the beat

before ya guys says its a total different genre or whatever...
its the same gameplay concept which is pressing the correct keypads on the correct beat...

let us watch this pulak

some more in vocaloid, the keypads are too much repetition,
yes i know ya guys gonna say bout its moving targets etc
but repetition is sooo boring.... very well it has better graphic..
DUDE beatmania was like in PSX... comparing graphics are nonsense when its in a different eras.

so the conclusion of this is I wish there are rhythm games like Beatmania nowadays... this applies to ever other music games! Rock Band etc to me still cannot match up to Beatmania...

Before ya guys starts throwing stuff at me, other rhythm games are still enjoyable thou :3
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