Raya10 Aftermath

This year Hari Raya is the best! i might say it every year thou but its always better than before XD
even though I dont have any grandparents left.
But i manage to visit their graves this year when i went back to my home town at Kuala Kangsar, Perak.

Recycling old kebaya

this is some of the many relatives (dad side) back at home town xD cannot fit all in this

went to beraya to neighbors houses

then at night my family and i went to jalan-jalan at Kuala town to see the Palace. The New and Old ones

We went back to KL on the 2nd Raya to my Pak Ngah's (mom side) house straight from Kuala.
In the picture only missing by Big Brother

On the 3rd Raya, all the relative from my mom side came to our house xD
in here pulak missing my cousin Amir >w<

So that's all for now of my report on Raya 2010 xD

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