District 9

Okay i know District 9 already out so long ago, its just i cant believe i didnt post up anything bout D9 HERE WTF IKR??!!
ohh yeah cause i was dead for a long time and now recently reviving blogspot...
no wonder but i am dissapointed cause didnt review this when it first come out

THIS MOVIE IS BRILLIANT! its the reason WHY I WATCH SCI-FI MOVIES! (btw sci-fi is my fav genre)

this review vid sums up what i have in mind

(next time i'll talk about spill.com cause they're awesome)

now back with D9, i love this review too 8B

MAN I LOVE THIS MOVIE im soo looking forward for its sequel! Neil neill blomkamp is a GENIUS! such original story. Sharlto Copley is the BOMB, im an instant fan after watching it and keeping track on what he's doing now. Thank you Peter Jackson!

the way they bring the movie seriously make me think that there are aliens in joburg rite now! XDD
which seems awesome to me btw

cause they are using the documentary approach with live camera from news and survelience camera too
and if you go to the website, there's even a website for MNU and Non-human rights websites etc
those even made the story solid as if they really are exist!

and i like the concept where they try to relate scifi with our society problems in this case racism, refugees and xenophilia(afraid of strangers)
if makes the scifi story makes more sense...

ya know i even ARGUE in a forum, where there this guy tried to bashed D9... Man i give it all to him LOL and he cant fight back, that's how cronic my D9 Fandom is 8B

as a fangirl i am, i looked into crook and cranny for D9 stuff and I found the Ultimate!
DISTRICT 9 DOUJIN!! )@(#@&^#!)@&$^@!!!

i found em in plus4chan, too bad i dont know who is the mangaka
you can read the rest here, its raw btw DISTRICT 9 DOUJIN
if ya a Sharlto Copley fan, follow his Official FB there are tons of awesome links and pictures that he himself posted up,
he's sucha humble actor and totally himself, other actors need to be more like him..
people love you for being yourself
HERE you can find all District 9 official pages such as official website, MNU webstite, official game website etc

there have been alot of articles about District 9 VS Avatar by James Cameron
hey I like the movie too (Jake Sully FTW)
I dont care bout the graphic shits, a Movie is define by its original story that is executed brilliantly
as much as i like Avatar its still a Dances with Wolves in Space to me

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