Animax Fairy Tail Conference

Was invited by Allen to Animax Press Conference at Fullhouse, Giza Sunway.
The press conference was for ANIMAX-Hong Kong Tourism Cosplay Contest
and Fairy Tail anime gonna be airing at Animax soon.
so I was called to attend, I gathered up my Fairy Tail peeps that's available to go there.
We were kinda late >w< cause SOMEONE got sesat and we got stucked in jam badly cause it was raining.
Some more, my ribs was hurting recently TAT
But we safely got there, so here's some piccas 8D

apparently they are doing Halloween themed stuff too

While the VIPs was interviewed, we all melantak 8D the food was delicious!

This was taken when we are almost done with the event. (Erza already taken off her armors) Our Fairy Tail gang also got interviewed by NTV7 and all the cosplayers got taken pictures together.

Natsu is looking for Fairy Tail Merchandises! nin-nin degozarou!

The free stuff we got! YAY
Fairy Tail note book
Fairy Tail poker card
Fairy Tail folder
Natsu's necklace
Lucy's Aquarius key pin
2 Animax bags
Animax keychain
Animax Umbrella
Animax cosplayer tag/pass

Im planning for a HUGE Fairy Tail group cosplay in March 2011!
Here is our Fairy Tail CF forum thread

[EDITTED 1 OCT 2010]

Hey guess what? we're on Malay Mail XD

Malay Mail

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