Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy Fandom

OMG i love these two actors!!! this is all because of inception!
recently I've been researching on them and found a lot of fun facts!
now im hooked with their other movies xDD
as a fangirl i am, im looking out any other possibilities of fanservice movies of them or what not

and i love JGL in Mysterious Skin!! he's so cute when he was younger!
he was also in 3rd rock from the Sun series! i didnt notice it at all till my BF and Audrey mentioned it to me XD


about a boy trying to find the truth bout his missing 5 hours of his life that he doesnt remember but he remembers a boy was with him when he didnt remember the rest of those 5 hours. the other boy grow up having problematic stuff for him being gay etc. anyway they look cute together kkyyaaa XDD

i havent watch RockNRolla yet, starring Tom Hardy. Been reading the synopsis thou and it sounds awesome! kkyaa Gerard Butler X Tom Hardy! how smexy is that?? 8DD anyway fun fact, Tom confessed he had gay experiences before 8B that's from an engaged person


well in the trailer doesnt show much fanservice AT ALL... BUT i found something interesting >8D

FFFFFF- IKR??!! XDD here's another one, since i cant embedded it here



and the interview bout Tom hardy 8B with Gerry


been stalking in plus4chan for Eames/Arthur fics/arts and their so called 'Facebooks' which they are engaged in it LOL

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