BLAME IT ON THE COSPLAY (miyavi honey)

ok so this is cosplay related stuff but i wanna share it with my non related cosplay friends ok xD
so this is it

I did a video meme by Tealpirate! Blame it on the Cosplay xDDD
Tealpirate you rocks! xDD idea was originally from hers.

ok, mine took longer than i aspected, well with all the procastinating and stuff
roughly 1 1/2 day to record and edit this @_@

wanted to include my ron weasley,hiei and szayel but the costumes are not with me right now... sigh

oh yeah i didnt wear Cloud's armor cause it was a hassle =.=;;; sorry

it was really fun doing it but damn was a pain in the ass to edit em @@
The song is from DJEarWorm. United State of Pop.

Here is the video of my version

BLAME IT ON THE COSPLAY (miyavi honey)

oh yeah i forgot to tell ya guys, i lost all my blog contacts DDD8 OMG when i was changing the layout... NNNOOOOOOOAAAAAAAA QAQ

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