Gantz Live Action Movie

On, October 8, 2009, it was announced that two live-action Gantz films are in production. The movies will star Kazunari Ninomiya(Kurono Kei) and Ken'ichi Matsuyama(Masaru Kato). The movies will be released in the spring and winter of 2011.

The films will be directed by Shinsuke Sato of Lady Snowblood(2001)
The other crew includes screenwrite Yusuke Watanabe(20th Century Boys),
producer Takahiro Sato(Death Note),
special-effect director Makoto Kamiya(Cutie Honey, Resident Evil: Degeneration)
and action-director Yuji Shimomura(Dororo, Death Trance).
Digital Frontier(Summer Wars, Death Note) is in charge of the CG works.

Ken'ichi Matsuyama(Masaru Kato)

Kazunari Ninomiya(Kurono Kei)

I hope the movies gonna be good 8D great cast great crew 8D
I also hope the story wont be too off >w<
Gantz is my fave manga ever!

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