The Beginning and the End [Evangelion] + Intro vid

You are delicate like glass.

Am I?

Yes, and that earns my sympathy.


In other words, I like you...

[Episode 24 The Beginning and the End]


Ikari Shinji-
Kaworu Nagisa-
miyavi honey

*Special Appearance!
Katsuragi Misato-
Ryoji Kaji-

Clow -

Special thanks to
Dai for being our helper that day

here is the intro vid of my own episode 24, its short and is on continuous status
Sypnosis of Episode 24 MAJOR SPOILERS
As Asuka's depression has grown to the point that she is reduced to a catatonic state, Seele sends a replacement pilot for Unit 02 to Nerv: Kaworu Nagisa. At first Shinji and Kaworu bond and quickly become friends;(there are some hints where Kaworu flirts with Shinji and Shinji would blushes and stutters XD) however, it is soon revealed that Kaworu is in fact the final Angel and has been sent to merge with "Adam" in Terminal Dogma at the bottom level of Nerv headquarters. Kaworu commandeers Unit 02, and Shinji engages it with Unit 01 in a fierce fight while in free-fall as they descend to Terminal Dogma. Kaworu reaches the Angel in Terminal Dogma as Shinji defeats Unit 02, but realizes that the Angel is not "Adam" but "Lilith". He then implores Shinji to kill him to prevent humanity from being destroyed. Shinji hesitates, but finally kills Kaworu. Later, traumatized by the day's events, Shinji tries to talk to Misato, but she is too distracted by her own struggles to be of comfort to him.
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