Project Concept Proposal, Site Map & Moodboard Web Design II

Project Definition

A task to redesign “The Asian Heritage Row”. The Asian Heritage Row reflects a new and modern city. It is a place where power lunches and dinner parties take place. It is trendy, hip and unmistakably cosmopolitan. Yet, it is distinctively Malaysian and cultural in architecture. I have to redesign 8 HTML pages and also showing 3 levels of content structures. So I have to analysis and study the current website to make a new proposal for the new website.

Current Site’s Analysis Goals

1. Highlights on their events.
2. Introducing their establishments and giving more info about them
3. Providing a resume submission for job vacancies.
4. Pages are too long, too much paragraphs, words etc.
5. Main navigations are not visible enough, it looks the same like the sub buttons
6. Headers of each sub-topic are not visible and confusing.
7. Too traditional and lack of the trendy senses.

Client’s Analysis

Asian Heritage Row (AHR) runs along the quaint Jalan Doraisamy, which is situated just off Jalan Sultan Ismail, next to the Sheraton Imperial Hotel. It is strategically located in the heart of the city and is growing in popularity as a preferred destination for the young and trendy. It encompasses a row of elegant and charming restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs and even has a foot reflexology salon.

This harmonious merge of old and new is revealed in a fusion of tradition and modernity in both Kuala Lumpur's culture and infrastructure.

Asian Heritage Row was developed to encapsulate the city's past, present and future. As with most great cities of the world, which have their unique cultural and leisure districts, Asian Heritage Row aims to position itself as a new landmark for the city as a cultural, dining and entertainment district for both international tourists and locals.

Asian Heritage Row is in the process of developing a few more F&B outlets that will soon be opening in June/July. These will stretch a little farther along Jalan Doraisamy, across from Buharry restaurant. The new outlets will house a Mexican restaurant and a contemporary chic lounge bar. The new outlets will be a welcome addition to the Asian Heritage Row and its dynamic mix of F&B outlets.

For further future plans, AHR hopes to develop the area into a lifestyle village, where one can easily wine, dine, lounge and perhaps even go shopping. In the near future, the Asian Heritage Row outlet mix will include up-market fashion stores, an art gallery, beauty salons and an outlet for interior décor. Weekend daytime bazaars along the street are also being planned.

Short & Long Term Goals

For the short term goals, would be the promotions and highlights of each establishment and their events. Where they’ll attract more people with their new themes, occasions or celebrations (Halloween, Christmas etc)

While their long term goals are to promoting The Asian Heritage Row so they can contribute to the city as a tourist destination for travelers to Kuala Lumpur city. It is often mentioned as a place not to be missed on tourist websites such as and AHR has made a mark in the local tourism trade and there are plans for more ties with the Malaysian Tourism Board.

Target Audiences

1. A preferred destination for the young and trendy.
2. International tourists.
3. Locals

Competitor’s Analysis

Primary- Maison

The stunning heritage façade of Maison captures the essence and beauty of art in its entire splendor. From the courtyard to the dance floor, glow bars and lounges, Maison is an exquisite contrast of textural highs and lows, masculine and feminine, hard and soft. Ethnic woven sofas are juxtaposed with pearlescent beads while a majestic chandelier gazes over a cement floor to create an ambience that is both cutting edges yet timeless.

Secondary- EUROPHIA

EUROPHIA is situated at the integrated resort destination of Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. Ministry of Sound has created EUROPHIA as a revolutionary brand to showcase the finest dance music entertainment for the 21st century. It adopt a production-heavy approach with theatrical dynamics; providing club goers with the best genres of contemporary dance music.

Terrier- Modesto

In 1995, Modesto Marini, a Professional Chef with culinary experience in Italy, London and Singapore, joined forces with Bob Wong, renowned as Kuala Lumpur’s “King of Clubs”, having monopolized the clubbing scene for more than 10 years, combined their finest know-how to create the first Italian Restaurant with a twist.

The establishment was called Modesto’s. Located in the heart of town, Modesto’s took KL by storm introducing a unique concept of trendy dining ambience, with al-fresco and clubbing facilities all under one roof! It was an instant success and a favorite hang-out venue for KL’s who’s who, as well as for those hungry for the perfect place to chill.


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