MM78 CNY Celebration

recently mm78 had several gatherings for CNY..
one at Hartz and another at KFC for lau sang...
well im here just to put up pics due to high demands from my
persuading classmates >w<>w<>
Glen was head banging, ROCK ON DUDE!!

Glen was hand banging pulak...

aww its colleen >w<

Hendry was being cute XD

more Colleen, hey i want my pics from her cam too...

yaa ramai- ramai take picture

hmm the 3 guys sitting isnt as sporting as the other 3 standing when we asked them to do a cute pose... lol


lining up at KFC, i forgot the dude's name, he's a new retake in MM78-2 i think.. never see him before..

Yenny was having a shock of her life?

and here's joel >w<

then we move up to the 2nd floor, but no AC...hampeh..

more preparing..


MM78-2 class.. orz minna send me MM78-1 class pic too!!

Tze Khin was being freakingly childish XDD

kanak-kanak riang ria

playing with some space here..


give a way! Yenny is comming through!
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