Late December Holiday Post

LOL such a late post for my holiday last year anyhow im still gonna write something bout it here my parents, lil sis, bro and me went to a beach called Bagan Lalang, Sepang the place is really beautiful since it still not really exposed to humans yet so the beach is clean an clear XD we went there for 3 days and 2 nights My parents and lil sis XD a candid pic of my brother, he's talking bout a cursed bottle he found at the beach. For some reason i love this shot XD
the only photo that's not around the beach haha i love the way he made his face XDD i did the molding for his mussled body the castle that we did, it was freaking hot, we didnt have time to make it complicated

we had seafood for dinners and lepak at the beach all day
and we all didnt even get sunburn! XD
just tanned a bit
we played freesbie and kite also, its been so long man
and of course took a dip in the sea >w<
this holiday is by far the one of the best
since we rarely go holidaying like this nowadays
i hope we get to this kind of stuff more often
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