Comic Fiesta 2008 Review

Haha another late post
anyway Comic Fiesta was AWESOME
great hall this time
and super near to my house too XDD
so getting ready was much easier, no need to rush.
On the first day,
I went there with my lil sis, Hana, my lil bro, Affan
and a friend Ezard
then at sunway pyramid we met up with Natasha and his brother
I havent seen her for a long time
and i was so glad inviting her to come with me
she didnt believe it was me cause i was already in costume that time XD
as you all now from my previous post
for the 1st day i'll be cosplaying Yagami Taichi for Digimon Adventure
and my sister was cosplaying Yagami Hikari
we went there really early
so we get to see the opening ceremony and the opening vid
there was alot of awesome cosplayers this year
the locals and oversea too, from singapore and indonesia
people keep saying to me that its good that i cosplay old animes
and i was kinda surprise and can say a bit proud
that there's people and even veteran cosplayers praised my costume
and everyone LOVED my sister XDD
she was the youngest cosplayer there
people wanted to kidnap her i tell you HAHA!
i meet alot of cosplay and photographer friends as usual
and i didnt expect to see my high school friends there too

actually i worn the arm warmer on the wrong arm
i've just notice it TAT

a lil private photoshoot we did after lunch,
there was a bunch of photographers suddenly taking our pictures too

On 2nd day, I was cosplaying Kobayakawa Sena from Eyeshield 21
with my brother as Agon Kongou
this time my sister didnt came with us
cause my mom wont let her >3>
anyhow we have a team that day

sagaranna as hiruma youichi
yuri as taki suzuna
ezard as gao rikiya
narukids as kaitani riku
and anis as kid

i actually wanted to enter the competition though
to accompany narukids who was entering
but it was last minute thing and i didnt do it haha
well better do next time even though i know i wont win anything

oh yeah, the real eyeshield 21 baby!! XDD

damn my bro was awesome as agon!
i love agon and unsui alot!

we did a photoshoot near the staircase after lunch
and well we did missed alot of performances
but we can still watch it in youtube
anyway the photos will be up in my flikr soon
as for now i've already uploaded the raw picture of day 1 and 2 in photobucket

CF08 photos

okay now for the overall review
-the venue was great
-no human traffic jam
-AC was good
-lots of doujin booths
-superb cosplayers
-bad lighting, i dont really care for the lighting though cause i'll be editting the pictures anyway.
-entrance and exit was too far
-emcees was a bit rude to the cosplayers, but i love alfred and chuck XDD
-DBZ amv was awesome!
-leaking roof on the stage, well i dont really have prob with that since im not on stage but organizer should take note.
-i dont like the rule for no photography in the doujin area
-closing ceremony was a bit down, not hype like last year
-need more dancing/sinign together session at the ending!
-i dont like the people singing on stage thing, i was bored cause i dont know the songs

that's all on my side..

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