Goodbye Dragon Ball

DB is the most impact series on my life..
the reason why i draw manga today..
the spark that shines my creativity and art side when i was small..
this work by Akira Toriyama is a Legend to me

red ribbon saga
pilaf saga

nameck saga
android+cell saga
buu saga

super 17 saga
baby saga
shenron saga

i love all the sagas, now, then and forever..
without this series there wont be new generation of mangas like one piece, naruto or bleach even movies like the matrix and many more
i've watch the anime and read the manga many times already
and its always seem fresh to me
i even watch all the movies too!
they're all are awesome!

The Dead Zone
The World's Strongest
Tree of Might
Lord Slug
Cooler's Revenge
Return of Cooler
Super Android 13
Broly the Legendary Super Sayain
Bojack Unbound
Broly:Second coming
Bio Broly
Fusion Reborn
Wrath of the Dragon
Bardock:the father of Goku
History of Trunks
Plan to Eradicate the sayains
Yo!Son Goku and Friends Return

Goku will always be one of my idols forever
i will surely cosplay him one day too(his child version)
a pure heart and innocent hero who had shed tears and blood to protect the race that adopted him and made him their family and friends..
everytime i watch the last episode of DBGT, the last season for DB
it always made me guys have to watch it...

Nothing can compare it
Nothing can replace it!


ps: i heard akira toriyama will revamp DBZ saga to a newer look
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