Comic Fiesta 2008 is NEAR!!!

OH YEAH this week is my last week of college 8DD
next week has just some minor stuff to do like submiting things
anyway HELL YEAH CF08!!

thanked god the location is back around sunway area
specificly its in sunway pyramid convention hall!
much more easier for me to go there
without my mom constantly calls me to ask me when im going back home
cause its near to my house i can go back anytime 8DD
just like previous CF back in sedaya times

anyway on 1st day i'll be cosplaying yagami taichi from digimon adventures
my costume is ady done but my headband is still with the tailor
cause she forgot to post it with the costume
and i just need to make the goggle once i've measured the headband's width
here's some sneek peek of the costume
ignore my blur face XDD the wig is not properly style yet

my lil sis might cosplay as yagami hikari with me
if i have the time to do her costume and borrow a friend's wig..
well see la, but most probabbly will
while my lil bro still not comfrim weather to cosplay on 1st day or not
if yes he might do either juugo or pein from naruto shippuden
and on 2nd day he'll do kongo agon from eyeshield 21 with me
as kobayakawa sena. he might have to cosplay in his school uniform
if i cant finish sewing up his jersey..

im in desperate to find a NFL helmet TAT
what's an eyeshield 21 without his eyeshield helmet??
might have to modify from normal helmet or search a toy one..
hmm anyway that's my preparation for this year CF XDD

i cant wait to see other cosplayers 8DD
im sure they're much more cooler than me haha
this year i wish to see someone cosplay as gantz character
but i think its impossible since its hard and not many
malaysian like gantz anyway
and i want to see agon and unsui cosplayers!!
i have agon but dont have unsui AAARRGGHHH!!
i shall try and drag a friend to be unsui...

anyway i'll see ya guys at CF08
if you guys see me dont be shy and just say hi to me
or even better take pictures with me too! XDD
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