Today is My Unlucky Day

seriously today is my worse day ever in my life...
i lost my fla and swf files for my flash animation that was supposed to be submit today..
and i didnt have backup..
it was caused by a stupid accident when i was about to burned the CD this morning,
probabbly caused by lack of sleep and unfocused..
i accidently delete the wrong files

yes i know im a HUGE IDIOT
i was in total shocked for an hour after that,
couldnt believe myself that i can be that stupid
all my hard work all gone because of my stupidity
i was stressed, fraustrated and the lack of sleep didnt help either
i didnt know what to do anymore
so firstly i cried my heart out to released my stupid emotions..

im so depressed, this is the first time in my life i felt this depressed
usually i can mask it out, pretending everythings okay
but seriously this is really bad...
cause i really like my flash animation, i put alot of effort in it
and i even did my own recording sounds and voices..
argh dammit.. im such an idiot! *bangs head*

i couldnt discuss this with my parents
cause i know they will rub it on my face later..
saying "sape suruh tak focus?" and other shits they'll throw at me
everytime i made a stupid mistake
haha yeah i know they will
at times like this i wished my brother was here..
he'll know what to say and do to make me feel better...

then later at class today, i told Su Weii about my problem
and thanked god! bless you Su Weii!
she can hack my previous swf review file that was still with her
converting the swf into a fla...
im so releaved, she gave me some time to redo my work..
and i still have my sounds that i'd recorded..

the conclusion of this is that there's a hikmah in everything that happends
and i accept what i had done and redha that everything will be fine..
im feeling better already and i will work even more harder to redo my flash animation
i love this subject so much and i will not fail it
and most of all i've learnt my lesson greatly..
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