Tag Stuff 2 XD

Got tagged by Mugen >3<>

1) Do you think you're hot ?

2) Upload your favourite picture of you!

an attempt to kidnap Mr.Squarepants like a wannabie terrorist in pajamas pants at 2am with too much sugar in blood streams

3) Why do you like that picture?
cause i dont act like a 19 years old lady

4) When was the last time you ate pizza ?
a week ago, got discount voucher haha

5) The last song you listen to ?
Mad World-Gary Jules...... Madness?? THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA!!!!

6) What are you doing right now besides this ?
planning to kidnap Bush next

7) What name would you prefer besides yours ?
No other else, my name is a combination of some parts of my parents names
that means the softness of the stars...
lol seriously doesnt match with my personality though XDD

People to tag .

1) Ifa
2) JN
3) Aurelia
4) Ah Fatt

8) Who is number one?
a twilight freak

9) Number three is having a relationship with?
her assignments and projects, we all do..

10) Say something about number five?
.......there is none..........

11) How about number four?
Balls.... not that balls...XD

12) Who is number two ?
i dont know him/her.... (runs)

its all a good laugh jokes guys!

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