Hotel 626

Last Halloween, Goodby has unveiled a new horror-themed campaign for Doritos promoting the re-launch of the chips brand's Taco and Four Cheese flavors. The site, dubbed "Hotel 626", is only open from 6pm to 6am EST and gives visitors the chance to take on scary challenges in 13 different rooms.

Hotel 626 features a morgue, a dark room and other claustrophobic confines, giving visitors 3D views in darkness, brooding sound design and cell phone directions that lets one react in real-time to the action on the screen. A microphone and a webcam are highly recommended to experience the whole site.

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Hotel 626 is a horror flash game that my friend told me about
in Islamic studies class last saturady
so im sharing it here.. i havent finish play the game yet..
i dont have the courage yet man...
i've log in and saw the intro, it make me freak out already..
im not gonna continue playing it by myself..
so im gonna play it with my friends around
fyi the website only open from 6pm-6am
and they inquire our webcam and mic..
dont worry there's a privacy rules for you to refer...
anyway talk bout the flash designs, sounds and details are SUPERB!
you guys need to go and see it!

so what are you waiting for guys?
book a room in Hotel 626 to experience the horror...

Hotel 626

here's some screenshots of the game

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