the day starts with me paniking on "how the hell im going to TS?!"
no one was home, so no one gonna send me there,
called narukids to ask bout her transport
thanked god she's not on the way to TS yet,
she came by at home, then change into Keisuke's garage jumpsuit
then off we go to SJ KTM station
met Raincloud there and we go together-gether XDD
people was staring at me since i put my gunzi's tattoo on from home
i dont want to terhegeh-hegeh later at the event..
was so damn hungry and dizzy from the ride all the way to TS

we got there and separated from Raincloud cause she's going to set up CF's booth
while me and kids went to eat at mcD
we was surprized suddenly when scarecrow kakashi jumped on us XDD
i thought he was a snatcher or something...geez
we talked bout his CF cosplays which will not be revealed here
cause its an awesome cosplay indeed and a surprize would be better later at CF
then he's off to KL tower for a gig
right after he left satan666 called me and met with us at mcD
he ask us to teman him go get his kiriwar haircut
but we go change first and took alot of time and he told me
he go get his haircut first...

anyway its the first time im wearing my red lens at an event
it was suprizing better than the first try at home
lol expert ady XDD
as always we go out of the toilet and people are staring at us..
we went straight to CAG's booth where i saw Joe, rayray, wani, and potter..
it was 1pm and was bored as hell, me and my (BL) partner roamed around the doujin area,
i bought some stuff at Lowieslw's booth and chatted a bit
cause satan was busy rehearesing his skit with narukids,
then i met mugen, medicontherun and kevin 8DDD rawr mugen!!
first time meeting kevin but we ady clicked! lol
he kept poking me, cisss will get back at you at CF!!

i couldnt take any pictures due to my claws was getting in the way
and my eyesites was a bit blurry with the wig covering my face and the lens too
so i didnt take many pictures except for the TnC photoshoot
i called byo and she's in the toilet, changing to shiki ady...
dunno where ice-cream was but heard she was somewhere around TS
i was planning to do a lil photoshoot for TnC near the lift area
since we dont have enough photographers and
i saw mugen and kevin has no arah tuju ady
i invited them to join us taking pics XDD

then i saw byo with kagami! YAY MILITARY SHIKI 8DD awww she was soo shyyy..
lol its not like the first time we've met darl XDD but she still shy awwwww
and kagami was mukuro 8DDD omg i almost didnt recognized her
then i saw ice cream in MILITARY AKIRA 8DD WOOT just like on cue!
we all gathered and was quite noisy at the center event
it was a bit out of control for a while
with narukids going back and fort to the CAG booth cause no one was jaga-ing it
then ice cream was trying to find someone first, i think it was rayray
and byo was trying to fix her wig
but it all went well and we followed narukids to the photoshoot place XDD
then snap-snap-snap goes the cameras
OMG i just love MILITARY shiki and akira 8DDD
anyway seriously i was raeped by satan... eeewwwww LOLLLEDD
you'll know once you see the pics what he did to me hahaha XDD

here's some pictures in my gallery
will upload more soon

Togainu No Chi at ACF

after the shoot, we when back to the event
where i saw 9gems and reno as HIROKI AND NOWAKI 8DDD ZOMG!!
with them was skypegasus too..
oh nouuhh i forgot what she cosplayed as OAO sorry sky
after that me, kids, potter, wani, rayray, byo and kagami went jalan-jalan
and eventully reach 7eleven near the cinemas
bought some stuff, byo and her sis when to eat at the food court next to it
while the others went to take some kuso pics
at the same place we took our TnC photoshoot..

then satan came kacau-ing and made us teman him eat at the top floor food court..
me and kid was listening to the skit's mp3 using satan's PSP
omg the songs are so funny XDD especially the celine dion part =A=
it was almost 5pm so we when back to the event to see the competition
i was gonna go back soon so i called my dad to pic me up
i still have some work need to be done at home that's why i had to go back early
but i was able to watch satan and kid's skit XDD
after that i went to change and came back, the competition is still going on
bid my goodbyes to my friends and wait my dad at the front entrance
and safely back at home XDD

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