Wonderful World Posters-Cosplay [FINISHED]

Alrity my theme is bout cosplay..
so its divided to 4 major cosplay points

Express-Drama in Disquise
Digital Effect-Montage

i change the fonts cause comments said its hard to read from the previous font..
and i took aurelia's advise to blend the whole thing with texture
to harmonize the overall mood

2nd Media-Photoshoot studio

Passion-Connect Us to Others

This is after i enhanced the "connection" part
with some glowing and light beams coming from it
since there's comments said they cant see the connectivity
so i hope this fixed it

2nd Media-Goodie Bag

Create-Brings Out the Creativity in you
Graphic-Duo Tone

so this is the FINAL one picked by joanne, i apply lil drop shadow as she adviced me.

2nd Media-Mug

Balance-Managing Time and Money

2nd Media-Bank Window

so ya guys give up some comment on the fonts, colours, slogans, composition etc okay!
please help me with this

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