Dragon Ball Movie Updated

as you all know this epic manga from akira toriyama will be soon release as a movie in april 2009
the trailer is already out in Japan and we will soon see it around october in our cinemas
most asian said the movie is a total failure
i even saw a short comic by japanese making fun of Chatwin =A=
but it seems that the western people are very excited after they saw the spoilers
well i dont know lahh..
still im disappointed with the alternate universe(AU) storyline..

anyway i dare you guys to read the spoilers!! XDD
resourses are from

japanese released poster

James Wong (Director / Writer)
Stephen Chow (Producer)
Brian Tyler (Composer)
87Eleven (Stunts) - The Matrix,300,The Bourne Ultimatum,Rambo,Fight Club,V for Vendetta
Amalgated Dynamics Inc. (Special Effects) - Spider-Man trilogy,Alien VS Predator
Zoic Studios (Visual Effects) - Spider-Man 2, The Day After Tomorrow
Hybride (Visual Effects) - 300,Sin City
CAFE FX (Visual Effects) - Men: The Last Stand,300

Co-Producer - Rich Thorne
Prosthetics Designer / Sculptor - Steve Kosh
Cinematographer - Robert McLachlan
Art Director - Patricio M. Farrell
Editor - Chris G. Willingham
Story Boards - Dan Fraga, Joseph Strachan
Production Designer - Bruton Jones
Lead Set Designer - Carlos Gamboa
Set Designer - Hugo Santiago
Hair Sylist - Gerardo Perez Arreola
Costumes - Eduardo Castro, Mayes C. Rubeo
SFX - Joe Pancake
Sculptor - Michael O’Brien
Conceptual Artist - Michael Broom
Creature Design - Alex Tuis
Visual Effects Supervisor - Ariel Shaw
Visual Effects - Charlie Iturriaga
Animator - Louis Leung
Sound Mixer - Fernando Cámara
Executive Producer - Tim Van Rellim

Production company: Dune Entertainment


Whole summarized storyline
A 17 year old boy named Goku recieves intense martial art training from his grand father Gohan, Goku studies in high school with his childhood friend Chichi, She has much more than friendly feelings towards him. At school , Goku is unpopular and is often being made fun of.

One day, Gohan organises a special meal in honnor of Goku's 18th birthday but the old man is mortally wounded by one of Piccolo's henchmen who then steals his dragon ball. Before dying, Gohan asks Goku to get all seven dragon balls to save the earth from it's ultimate destruction.He also asks Goku to get some help from Master Roshi to find the seven dragon balls. After Gohan's death , Goku ventures alone in a grand adventure full of excitement and suprises.

On the way to meet Master Roshi, Goku meets a young woman named Bulma. By sheer coincidence ,Bulma has in her possession a radar that tracks the dragon balls. Bulma decides to take advantage of Goku's stength and follows him on his quest. After a few days of tough travelling , they finally arrive at Master Roshi's house. Goku continues his training and improves his techniques with Master Roshi (learns Kamehameha). Our three friends now start their quest on the search of all seven dragon balls. On their travels , they fall into a trap created by a desert bandit called Yamcha. During their imprisonement , Roshi tells the story of Piccolo and how the people from Namek allready tried to destroy planet earth 2000 years ago. Hearing this , Yamcha changes his mind and joins them on the quest to find the dragon balls. Towards the end of the journey, Our four heroes meet Piccolo. Piccolo asks Goku to join him and reveals his true Saiyan past. Goku refuses but then Piccolo beats him down without any difficulty and steals all his dragonballs. With all 7 dragon balls in his possession , Piccolo has yet one last task to complete , wait for a eclipse.

Later on , Our fine group of heroes decide to enroll at the world championship of Martial Arts to counter Piccolo's evil plans.Chichi ,also present, meets Goku's new friends. After a friendly exhibition match the romance between the two characters finally happens. The real Tournament starts and one fight in particular stands out from the others. The duel between Master Roshi and Piccolo. Right before Roshi is about to defeat Piccolo with one of his secret techniques, Mai , one of Piccolo's close henchmen, intervenes and Roshi's original attack is turned against him.Master Roshi dies. In all logic Goku confronts Piccolo during the final.Goku defeats Piccolo and wins the tournament ,saving humanity and planet earth. He then gets married to Chichi

Goku (Justin Chatwin)
Bulma (Emmy Rossum)
Master Roshi (Chow Yun-Fat)
Lord Piccolo (James Marsters)
Mai (Eriko Tamura)
Chi-Chi (Jamie Chung)
Yamcha (Joon Park)
Grandpa Gohan (Randall Duk Kim)

From Weekly Shonen Jump

Screenshots from the movie

seriously i cant believe what they had done to piccolo..
i thought he'll look like the one below here and not in the screenshot OAO


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