Serious shit im dead in blogspot for so long.. =A=
it feels ackward to post something after a month and a half i havent post anything..
well it was holiday lahh..
of course i was busy going out and have no time to update anything XDD
anyway i'll put up some interesting news where me and some other cosplayers got interview by MHI, TV3 and animax..
will put up the vid i found in youtube that have the interview...
then got into the star newspaper and starnews video...
will put them up later too...

anyway the new term already started *coughactuallylongtimeadystartscough*
i really like the things im gonna learn this term 8DD
OMG flashh!! *O*
the least 2.. i think you guys know what i mean ..
so that's all for today's post XDD
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