Videos Featuring Me

LOLed yeah i've got nothing better to do so im gonna put some youtube videos that have me in it..XD
mostly are cosplay and band gig related

Akatsuki Party Comiworld 2007

this is my most fave video of all times for now la...
there's the whole akatsuki member dance off XDD
except for hidan, he was off stage cheering for us
i was crossplaying Uchiha Itachi in this
and i was the first solo dancer to dance XDD
my song was Sway from Michael Buble
this video got lots of viewers for it

Bleach Showdown Comiworld 2007

same event but different day
i was crossplaying as Ukitake Juushiro in this..
i feel so weird doing this one @_@;;
but the entire day was much funner that the akatsuki wan XD
cause there's the cosplay competiton held..
i didnt win thou..

Shippu! Konoha Gakuen Cosplay Caramelldansen

this one is the recent cosplay photoshoot that me and a friend organized
i was cosplaying 2 characters Rock Lee and Haruno Sakura..
in this vid im Haruno Sakura
The dance is based on a very famaous dance in japan Caramelldansen
its my 2nd best video

from my gallery-

Death Note Photoshoot-The Making 1

Death Note Photoshoot-The Making 2

these are the videos that Allen took of us without us knowing it! XDD
the 1st one is in the preparation room for the photoshoot
at myscififan outpost at cineleisure
the 2nd is at the actual site for the photoshoot
One of the Best photoshoot that i ever organized
with great site, great photographers and great sponsor too

from my gallery-

Fanatisa Live

Hehe this is my band performance for my graduation night at Sunway club
our band was the last band to performed
unfortunately its the last performance then we disbanned and everyone had gone to further their studies and dont have time to practice nemore..
but still this is best band ever
my bro is in it too XDD
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