Taylor's AnimeFest

Yeah! me and my friends went there as Harry Potter characters XDD
i was crossplaying as Ron Weasley..
i know he's a weird character to crossplay as but I LOVE IT!
its really fun crossplaying as him!
cause he's funny, reckless, clueless, clumsy etc
we even enter the competition but as always didnt win XDD
a very hot smexy Reno won the competition *drools*
anyway i give you photos of muh group!

Thank you to all of HP gang XDD
Narukids as Harry
Sam as Draco
Cappy as Hermoine
Ryuujin as Pansy
and Wani as Cho
Cedric(wednesday) was supposed to be with us but Harry let him "died" XDD

i had a great time that day
even though i kinda missed my brother and my buddies at that times
more photos can be found here in my gallery

anyway here me as Ron
i love the dimmed lighting XDD

anyway bout the event,
LOLed too much drama in the community that organized it!
they all played the blaming-other people-game after they got horrible critics/feedbacks from ComicFiesta members
but seriously this year was much worst than the last year..
still there are some pros to it but mostly cons..
and i got really irritated by the president of the organizer..
oh well i just came to support my friend's HP gang
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