Selamat Hari Jadi to Me! XDD

actually i dont like getting a year older.. =3=;;
anyway, i got a new laptop for my birthday XDD YAY!
thank you so much mom!!! *hugs her*
i'll put my the picture of it later

well i still dont know what else i get from my dad tonight
and from my friends too when we celebrate this weekend
i just cant help myself by typing this first XDD
and my bro will come back home tomorrow! MOAR YAYY!!

to eveyone who said happy birthday to me, i thanked you so much!!
CFers, dAers, myspacers, friendster(ers?), smser etc!


hee heee i had a great time that day..
Jia Ning belanja me makan at Kenny Rogers with Ifa and Aurelia XDD
so long havent eaten there SANKYU SO MUCHH!!

anyway on saturday me and my family eat out and gone shopping for my presents
i got a new pair of adidas shoes XDD
bye bye my ol' converse
and also a pair of sandals
i even get some great CD games 8DD sims2 seasons!!
LotR: Battle for middle earth 2 and lots more from my bro
yeah i did mentioned that my lil bro came back to celebrate it with me XDD

the sad day finally came
on sunday i got the chance to send my bro back to his college
well this time i didnt cry XDD cause i saw the place and it was so cool!
my brother will do great things there

TAT next time i meet him is on merdeka day *sigh* still lama lagi
anyway after sending him there we went to eat curry fish head
seriously its huge! can eat for 5 people!


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