My Brother, My Best Friend

My brother, Affan is one year younger than me...
we are like twins, we cant be separated for long..
i wished we are twins..
sometimes people mistaken us as a couple..its so weird...
maybe cause we dont look a like at all..
im very close with him, his my best i am to him too..
we have the same interest, cosplay, music, alot more..
we talk alot about our opinions and knowledge together..
mostly about politics, religions and also mangas XD
we help each other, share alot of things, secrets, even friends...
my friends are his friends and his friends are my friends too..
its not always fine and dandy..
we fought..we disagree.. we have bad memories...but that's normal rite?
Last month he got an offer to study in MARA,Johor..
he'll be studying forensic engeneering for 3 years...
he was to report on 14 july08..
the same day as my final presentationfor my interface...
my parents were going to send him on sunday and come back on monday..
i couldnt follow along..
i wanted to...
to be there when i say good luck too him..
but i had to say it when they leave on sunday...
God, i cried so hard..haha...
its pretty silly but i cant helped it...

I'll missed him alot...
since i always called him to pick me up when i wanted to get back home from college..
and hang out with our other buddies, play snoocker and eat every saturday..
he always freaks me out when he came up in my room around 2am while i was still online and he did his posessed-by-spirits-face
*sigh* good ol' days..
we always say to ourself that when we're not together both of us will "mati kutu" XD
but this is for his future so its good..
its not that i cant call or see him again...
I called him everyday just to check him out...vice versa..
we'll be seeing again on 2nd August where my cousin will be wed in Johor...
when i think back..
we didnt have much pictures together..
well i'll make sure to have as much as possible once we meet again..
He's wearing(snatched) my fave cap (we're having breakfast at Railway Joint in Kluang,Johor last May holiday)
Taken at the National Museum a couple of weeks before we went to Kluang..
Hmm..Mat Cool.. XDD
all pictures are taken by me
I missed you Bro

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