User Test One Thousand And One Nights

Got more feedbacks from my family
i add texture on the border

please help me with this one..
is it better to put the navigation and logo above or below the page?

so i've decided to put the logo and the navigation on the bottom since from my user test all want it to be at the bottom


Main Page
Bar Navigation- Clicking on the logo will extend the navigation, hovering on each option will appear a creasent at the back of the clouds
Map Navigation-by hovering over the objects in the picture the option will move/change and glow..

Characters Page-hovering over the side characters will make it glow Game Page

User Test

the factors that i wanted to make the interface looks like

- persian(iranian)+arabic royal kinda look(gold and crimson are persian royal colors)

-romantic and dimmed

-for teens 13-18 years old

The User Test's question are in the Comment post already so you guys can read it there and reply

so please help me out by answering these questions

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