Happy Birthday Taichou! 8D

Before we get to the HAPPY BIRTHDAY IFA shout out,
lets recap on yesterday events, *took a deep breath*
gaahh need to finish up perspective project 1..
well its kinda easy la cause its 1 point only mahh..

basic furnitures in a bedroom

guess who did this heh heh... definately not me wan XDD
lol its some senior's work creadit to him/her..
took this as a reference only

OK NOW! HAPPY BIRTHDAY IFA!! makcik already lah ohohoho~

we celebrate it at nando's well technically they went and eat lunch there..
i got class so i got there a bit late..
and they all finished eating when i got there boohoo lol
im not hungry anyway..
i bought ifa a tiramisu cake from secret recipe ahem a slice only mah...
im poor ady TAT

she got a Chopper from Aurelia & Karo..
heh heh later borrow for OnePiece photoshoot >D

Aurelia and Karo eating donuts!
suckish lighting and im lazy to go edit it YAY

Miss JN in pink XDD

then we went to J.Co.. where else ritee..XD
me blanja again...
ifa's been bugging me(and almost everyone) to take her there =3= happy now? XDD
all of these happend in just 1 hour!
cause i have another class at 2pm, mark teh-sensei =3=;;

Culture&Society class was awesome yesterday..
we got to watch a short movie/documentary bout independence..
the title is "10 tahun sebelum merdeka"
mark teh was one of the co producer(i think) and also was some of the many voices that were doing the narrating..
10 tahun sebelum merdeka in youtube playlist
http://www.10tahun.blogspot.com/ is the official blog/web about this independent documentary, go check it out..
i was really touched while watching it and the way this documentary brings out the messege is pretty deep

anyway after class my group for C&S have a meeting to discuss our topic:censorship in malaysian movie theather...
out of no where suddenly im the leader now *slaps Luke*
my goup consists Bryan, Ruzy, YenShing, Luke and Matthew

Luke and Matthew aka Chocolate and Milk, yes that's their nicknames XDD

da ladies, YenShing and Ruzy

and Bryan, i think he would be a better leader than me lehh...

so we had it in drama class and we were just did a mild discussing at first but turned a full blown serious discussion...
well i'll get back to this post with the details of the discussion's content later
since it was pretty tensed...

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