Fuhh... Relief

Finally finish with icons designs...
i think i did it well..and did all joanne asked me to..
the user test etc..at least i still sempat to do those..
some of my friends didnt manage to do it...
well let just make it a lesson to properly manage our progress in time next time
and the presentation, i guess i did well..
i was nervous even though i didnt look like it XD
i think i practically shouting while i was presenting...well did i?? ^w^;;

ChunSin presenting his piano icons

TiewSoon's illusion box wallpaper

sorry for the suckish pictures *sweats*
anyway from everyone icons, i was most impressed with TiewSoon's illusion box icons..
i was totally blown away...seriously..
who would do a theme like that man??
it looks simple but i LOVED it! dont let me starts with his wallpapers!
yeah i like things like illusion so much..
that's why im pretty impressed with his..
TiewSoon if you're reading this, good job dude! *double thumbs up*

anyway we did a test run with our batik in the workshop
and i was so tired and dehydrated by the end of the day but in a fun way i guess XD lol
my theme is Graffiti, the messege is apreciate grafitti as an art and not vandalisme..
we comfirmed the design already but the colours are still in questions

creadit to
YenShing for the picture(you ROCKS!)

some of my colour samples

Oh yeah i think a couple of days ago..
my neighboring area was attacked by bees OAO;;
and it was at night some more..
so we all got in the house and my neighbor called the fire department
there was a really big hive on a tall tree beside my neighbor house which is infront of my bouse...
seriously we didnt notice it was there since the tree was taller than the house and the hive was located on top of the tree...
the firemen asked us to switch off all the lights in the house cause the bees were attract to the lights

the hive was burned on the ground in this picture

anyway i felt sad for the bees though..
its not their fault they attack us and made a hive here...
its because humans already accupied and destroyed their habitat and they had to move in and adapt in cities...
it feels really unfair...
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