DragonBall Saga

What im about to show you are not from the actual DragonBall movie that will be coming April 2009...
The short vids are professionally made from fans for fans
And Im greatly impressed by their works even though its just a 30 seconds video

Thrunks, Flieza and Cell

(see the video responses for this vid, there are other 2 vids in different versions)
diegomh the dude that did this vid is gonna make several vids of character introductions
Mainly on future thrunks and android saga

Gohan VS Android 17&18

for this one im definately see its a very decent vid indeed,
awesome effort into putting it all together *applause*
if you think this is pretty good made by some bunch of DB fans
wait till you see the actual movie!

DragonBall characters look alike artists

It made me LOLed Arnold as Mr.Satan ROFL!!
okay for more info of the film and casts visit
At first I was seriously not interested in any of the casts they given..
who the hell is Justin Chatwin? he's the son of tom cruise in War of the World,
wtf i didnt notice him in that movie at all *sweats*
even though i dislike chatwin as goku i prefer James Marster as Piccolo
he looks sooo cool!!

for now there's no real trailers or posters or official web for the film
so dont fall for the fakes ones in youtube etc
they only realease piccolo's picture(which is above) and the logo

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