Colour Palletes

Okay these are 10 outta 30 pallete that i love the most..
all of the pictures are taken from deviantart and i creadit to all of the respective owners under each pictures

Cristal Ball by green-fram-day
It give the pure feel and magical from it

Morning glory by witchlady750
it brings soft and innocent touch

Apples by
the feeling of bright and juicy colours

Cold by BlackCocktail
it gave away a beautifully mint cold dementor

First snow by IvanSuta
it feels foggy ice cold tones

Grases by Iconicblue

brings out calm sandy grass mood

Roses by chn
strong desire could be feel from this

The Apple by candear
The feel of childish fun in it

The Tree 111 by JaneDoe87
the colours brought dusty and breeze mood

Persimmon by unflinching
The tones are warm and bright feel

okay its a screenshot of my progress raster icon...
im still thinking weather to put background colour or not..
i think the colours, highlights and shadows is ok already...
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